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Victoria Footwear has been existing for a long time – longer than you might expect. In 1915, the company was founded in a small Spanish town called La Rioja. At the Schuhdealer online shop you can find several models and designs by the Spanish brand. Trendy sneakers with platform sole or slip-ons made of high-class canvas – Victoria footwear provides fashionable shoes with a sporty but elegant look so every woman can make a find. The founder of the brand, shoemaker Gregorio, had the idea to create shoes he then named after his wife Victoria. In the 1970s and 1980s, canvas shoes became an essential part of Spanish fashion. Victoria shoes are available at a reasonable price but of high-quality. They captivate with their clean look and go nicely with a dress, a pair of jeans as well as shorts. They are available for women and men as classic lace-up plimsolls or slip-ons in a great variety of colours and with beautiful patterns. In addition, Victoria shoes are made of natural rubber and with natural dyes in sympathy with a vegan lifestyle.

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