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Shoot is a small but excellent footwear brand based in Würzburg, Germany, which is specialised in hip and comfortable leather footwear. However, this has not always been the case: Founded as a textile label in the early 90s, Shoot was deeply rooted in the burgeoning techno scene. A true clubwear pioneer, the young label was one of the first European brands to serve this new niche. However, competition became tougher with countless street- and clubwear labels popping up everywhere in the late 90s, spelling doom for many small fashion brands – Shoot was no exception. [next]

Whereas most of these brands disappeared for good, Shoot made a mighty comeback into the footwear market in 2008. Extraordinary looks have again become very popular in recent years and Shoot footwear offers exactly what conventional lifestyle shoes often lack: high-quality, unique and innovative designs with a special twist that stand out from the crowd.

All styles are designed by a German design team and subsequently produced in Portugal. Here, Shoot focuses not only on trendy designs, but also on high-quality materials and utmost comfort. The product range is as versatile as the brand itself: sturdy biker boots, clean lace-up shoes or trendy sneakers – Shoot has something for every taste, occasion and season. Most styles are true all-rounders and can be worn with both casual looks and formal business outfits. Moreover, Shoot is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a trendy alternative to classic, elegant men’s shoes from international labels such as Fred Perry or HUB. When it comes to style, Shoot is quite literally a hotshot, and every single style is a big hit. This innovative brand is now available at our shop!

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