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Shoe Cleaner

Shoe cleaning - for sparkling clean sneakers, boots and such like

Almost everyone is enthusiastic about stylish shoes - but many of us don't like to clean their shoes! Whether trend sneakers or winter boots: Thorough and regular shoe cleaning is the be-all and end-all for dazzingly beautiful footwear. With innovative cleaning and care products from Collonil, cleaning shoes becomes pure pleasure! Especially in autumn and winter, our shoes have to withstand a lot: rain, slush and road salt get on them every day. If there is also a lack of care, your shoes are ready for the bin pretty quickly. But proper shoe cleaning is as easy as winking and quickly done! An absolute must-have is a soft shoe brush that quickly and easily removes coarse dirt and grime. Depending on the material, there are various products for shoe cleaning that are designed for smooth leather, suede or textiles and synthetics. There are also universal foam cleaners available that can be used for all materials so shoes with a mix of materials can also be cleaned very easily. We recommend to use a soft, lint-free microfiber cloth for cleaning your shoes. The brand Collonil also offers special cleaning and care products for sneakers. A practical shoe care set is a good option for beginners and those of you who like it uncomplicated. In addition to proven products for shoe cleaning, a shoe care set also contains useful accessories such as brushes, cloths, etc. Whether sneakers or leather boots - every shoe needs thorough cleaning from time to time. At Shoefittery you will find high-quality products for shoe cleaning and care that will make your favourite shoes shine in a flash!

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