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Shoe Care Accessories

Shoe care accessories - practical helpers for beautiful shoes

Shoe care is not a closed book and much easier than you think! Of course, you need the right cleaning and care products for spotlessly clean shoes. But good shoe care accessories are very important, too! The practical helpers let your favorite shoes shine in new splendor and also ensure that you enjoy your shoes for a particularly long time. Whether brush, sponge or cleaning cloth - high-quality shoe care accessories should not be missing in any shoe cabinet! Street dirt, mud, slush: there are many pitfalls waiting for our shoes in everyday life. Dirty sneakers look neither fresh nor stylish, and even unkempt leather boots are anything but chic. With the right shoe care accessories from Collonil you can get your shoes clean again in less than no time! A soft shoe brush with horsehair bristles or synthetic bristles gently and thoroughly removes coarse dirt and dust from the upper. Lint-free microfiber cloths are ideal for thorough dry or wet cleaning. They are extremely absorbent, hypoallergenic and dry extremely quickly. In addition to practical cleaning aids such as brushes and cloths, a good impregnation spray is also part of shoe care accessories. It reliably protects leather, synthetic and textile shoes against moisture and dirt, so that one or two cleaning actions become redundant. If you like it super-simple, you can use a practical shoe care set: Here you can get the right cleaning agent and shoe care accessories at an affordable price. There is also a solution for smelly shoes and unpleasant odors: natural shoe inserts and disinfectant sprays remove odors, bacteria and leave a pleasantly fresh scent. Shoe care is child's Play with the right shoe care accessories! At Shoefittery you can shop innovative products of Collonil from the comfort of your own home. Your shoes will thank you!

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