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Shoe Care

Shoe care - beautiful shoes in a moment

If you love your shoes, allow them a little wellness treatment every now and then! Regular shoe care not only ensures a shiny appearance, it also extends the lifespan of your shoes! With the right shoe care, you can enjoy your favorite shoes for a long time without having to invest a lot of time and effort. Whether cleaning foam, shoe polish or impregnation - practical shoe care products by Collonil make the annoying ritual a pleasure! There is not just one proper shoe care: the type and effort of care depend primarily on the material of your shoes. Leather shoes in particular need a maximum of care because this natural material quickly becomes cracked and brittle without regular care. While you can treat smooth leather with classic shoe polish or leather grease, shoes made from suede and synthetic leather require specially tailored care products. Before you can start with shoe care, you should thoroughly clean your shoes. With a universal cleaning agent this is done in less than no time. Not only do the right cleaning and care products play an important role in shoe care, but also the right accessories: A soft shoe brush and a lint-free cleaning cloth are always part of the basic equipment. Waterproofing spray is another practical product when it comes to shoe care. Regular impregnation is particularly worthwhile in wet, dirty weather. No matter whether leather, textile or synthetic uppers: the invisible protective film reliably protects the upper material against moisture and dirt, preserves the colors and thus saves you one or the other cleaning action. At Shoefittery you will find a large selection of high-quality shoe care products as well as useful care accessories.
Shoe Care for Leather Shoes

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Shoe Cleaner

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Shoe Care Accessories

Shoe care accessories - practical helpers for beautiful shoes...

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Collonil Waterstop Classic 20ml Neutral
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Collonil Carbon Sneaker Care 100ml
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