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Shipping costs
Delivery time**
Belgium  8,90 Euro3-4
Canada30,00 Euro5-8

  2,90 Euro (ab 40€ Warenwert frei Haus)
(8,80 € bei Nachnahme )


Denmark  14,90 Euro3-4
Estonia  16,90 Euro3-4
Finland  14,90 Euro3-4
France    9,90 Euro3-4
Great Britain    9,90 Euro3-4
Greece  16,90 Euro3-4
Ireland  16,90 Euro3-4
Croatia  16,90 Euro3-4
Italy    9,90 Euro3-4
Latvia  16,90 Euro3-4
Latvia  20,00 Euro3-4
Luxembourg  14,90 Euro3-4
Malta  16,90 Euro3-4
Netherlands    8,90 Euro3-4
Norway   20,00 Euro*3-4
Österreich   6,90 Euro3-4
Poland  16,90 Euro3-4
Portugal  14,90 Euro3-4
Romania  16,90 Euro3-4
Russia  30,00 Euro3-4
Sweden  16,90 Euro3-4
Switzerland   20,00 Euro*3-4
Slovakia  16,90 Euro3-4
Slovenia  16,90 Euro3-4
Spain    9,90 Euro3-4
Czech Rep  14,90 Euro3-4
Ungarn 16,90 Euro3-4
USA  30,00 Euro*10-15
Cyprus   20,00 Euro*3-4

If you cannot find your country in the list, please contact us:

* Aditional taxes and feed possible

** Information in working days

Information on the calculation of the delivery date 

If you are paying by advance payment, the period of delivery starts to run on the day after the payment order was placed with the remitting credit institution. If you are paying by one of the other payment methods, the period of delivery starts to run on the day after the conclusion of the contract. The period of delivery will expire at the end of the last day of the stated period. If, however, the last day of the delivery period is a Saturday, Sunday or an official holiday at the place of delivery, the next working day will then be the last day of the delivery period.

The estimated shipping costs can only be used if the basket is not empty.
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