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Natural World

Natural World’s shoes are made of 100% ecological materials which are biodegradable and contain no substances detrimental to health. Natural World is quite a young brand and was formed with the aim of fighting for a better world for ourselves and our descendants. Searching for an environmentally friendly manufacturing system, the founders didn’t only put emphasis on the process of manufacture itself but also took into account how to obtain materials. Finally, they came across the Vulcanization System, a system which is over 100 years old. This system uses pressure at an elevated temperature to melt and mold rubber which then adheres to the cotton upper to form the shoe. In this way there’s no need for glue or other chemical products. The Vulcanization System has its origin in northern Spain which is why Natural World has established its manufacturing facilities in this region.[next]

Natural World attaches great importance to using 100% environmentally friendly materials. This is certified by the “Made in Green” Ecological Quality Certificate and makes the brand a leading company in the industry. Furthermore, the products contain no substances detrimental to health. The shoes are mainly made of cotton and natural rubber and, thus, are flexible, breathable, comfortable and easy to wash. The shoe boxes are made of recycled cardboard. In addition, the brand respects human rights so the shoes are produced without the use of underage labour force.

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