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Fred Perry

Inspired by Tennis - Fred Perry shoes for men and women

With Fred Perry you are always well dressed! The British brand is primarily known for its roots in tennnis and has quickly developed into a popular lifestyle brand. Not only the brand's polo shirts convince with their sporty elegance. Fred Perry sneakers can be worn with jeans, chinos or shorts and are available in the Shoefittery Shop. The history of the brand started in the childhood of its founder Fred Perry. The young Fred Perry played table tennis successfully; in 1929 he even became world champion in table tennis. After this success, Fred Perry started playing tennis and soon qualified for the legendary Wimbledon tournament. But despite his talent, he was not respected in the world of tennis because he was not privileged and came from a working-class family. Nevertheless, Fred Perry continued to train eagerly and won the Wimbledon tournament three times in a row between 1934 and 1936. Even if he was no member of high society, Fred Perry was always well dressed. Many tennis players were wearing green army T-shirts at that time. Therefore, he donated white polo shirts to the players with an embroidered laurel wreath on the left breast of the garment. This is how the Fred Perry brand was created in 1952 and the white polo shirts became a real bestseller. The Fred Perry shirt soon became an integral part of various subcultures in Great Britain and other countries and was absolutely unmistakable with the laurel wreath on the breast. Fred Perry shoes are also very popular, because they impress with high-quality materials and classic designs that are inspired by tennis. Due to the sporty, elegant styles, the men's sneakers and women's sneakers can be combined in many ways. In the Shoefittery Shop you can find Fred Perry sneakers made of high quality real leather or sturdy textile. You can recognize them immediately by the laurel wreath, which is mostly embroidered on the side of the shoe.
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